Cats for adoption

The following is a list of our CATS. Cats of all ages available for adoption, up to 60 available. All cats will be health checked, neutered/spayed, vaccinated and microchipped before being rehomed.

Please read about Adopting one of our animals before enquiring.

Cats and Kittens available for Adoption:


Faith cat


Female - approx 1yr old

Faith came to us as a stray and was not in the best of health. She has made a full recovery and is ready for a new home. She is a little shy at first but once she gets to know you she is a loving cat. She would fit into most families.


Betsy cat


Female - 12 yrs old

Betsy came to us with 3 other cats. They had all lived with two dogs but unfortunately one of the dogs took a dislike to the cats and tried to attack them. For their safety the cats needed to be re-homed. Betsy was not as close to the other cats and seemed to prefer a pod on her own. She is a lovely, friendly girl who enjoys a lot of attention. She needs a family where she can enjoy her retirement years.


Joseph cat


Male - 5yrs old

Joseph came to us via the vets where he had been taken in as a stray. He had an eye infection and was very dirty and unkempt. He is now back to full health but unhappy being in a cat pod. He can have an edge to him but we are sure this is only due to him being confined. As a result of this we think he would be better in a home with children 10 years or older.


Tutty cat


Female - 7 yrs old

Tutty came to us via our inspectors. She was very scared when she arrived and is still very nervous of new people and places. We are looking for a special home for her with an experienced cat owner (and would prefer children 15+) who will give her time to settle in.


Cody cat


Female - 4 yrs old

When Cody arrived she was dehydrated and covered in fleas. She has an old injury to her tail, so it is a bit shorter than it should be.
Cody took some time to settle in but she is now feeling much better and is a real character. She is a cat that likes to be in charge therefore we are looking for a home with older/no children. She also needs to go to a home where there are no other cats.


Lyla cat


Female - 5 yrs old

When Lyla came to us she had very bad ear problems. She has been on treatment and is now doing well. She is a pretty young lady who needs a family to call her own who can spend time playing with her. She would fit into any home.