Cats for adoption

The following is a list of our CATS. Cats of all ages available for adoption, up to 60 available. All cats will be health checked, neutered/spayed, vaccinated and microchipped before being rehomed.

Please read about Adopting one of our animals before enquiring.

Cats and Kittens available for Adoption:


Cats: "POLLY" - long stay

"POLLY" - long stay

Female - 13yrs old

Meet our resident golden oldie Polly! She is a typical naughty tortie so we are looking for a home with no young children. Polly was brought to us as her owners could no longer care for her and so she is now looking for a retirement home! You may notice from the photos that Polly has a case of 'cauliflower ear'! The vet thinks that this is just an old injury and is causing her no problems what so ever. Although Polly can be cheeky, she can also be extremely affectionate! As soon as you enter her pod she gets up to greet you with a very loud purr and plenty of headbutts. She likes to rub all over you and wrap herself around your legs whilst you make a fuss over her. Once she has had enough she likes to retire to her bedroom for a nap! Polly is looking for a home to call her own where she can be queen so any existing pets will have to be very laid back so that Polly can be boss!


Cats: Fran


Female - 7 yrs old

This special little lady is Fran. She came to us via one of our inspectors when her owner could no longer take care of her. Sadly Fran was in a bit of a state when she came to us. She had large portions of her tortie and white fur missing and also had scabby wounds all over her. After receiving plenty of TLC, Fran is now looking for her forever home! Fran is a little bit of a diva! and if she decides she's having a bad day then unluckily for you, she will turn her nose up and won't want anything to do with you! However on a good day, Fran can be a real sweet heart! She will get out of her bed and greet you with plenty of headbutts and will purr whilst you shower her with attention. We think that Fran would be best suited to a quiet household with no young children but Fran has previously lived with other cats so we think she would be happy to live with another feline companion or a very laid back dog. Fran is able to be rehomed as either a house cat, or an indoor/outdoor cat and we are sure that it wont take her long before she is bossing her around her new family like she has always been there!


Cats: Dexter


Male - 11 yrs old

This little lion is 11 year old Dexter. This stunning long haired ginger boy came to us as he struggled to cope when his owners had a baby. Due to this we are looking for a home where there are no children and we would like for Dexter to be the only pet in the house. As you can imagine, Dexter has found cattery life quite stressful and on occasion has lashed out at members of staff which is another reason we are looking for an adult only home. However, Dexter isn't always grumpy, he can be a really loveable cat! He loves being stroked and will purr loudly to show you how much he's enjoying it and we think that once he has settled in his new home he will calm down. Dexter also loves to stretch his legs and will run around after stringy toys before curling up for an afternoon nap! Dexter is old enough to be rehomed as a house cat, but up until coming into our care he was used to having the opportunity to go and play outdoors so we are sure that he would love a home with a safe outdoor space! Dexter is a beautiful boy who really deserves a chance at happiness again where he can be he centre of attention and be spoiled rotten!


Cats: Cupid


Female - approx. 1 yr old

This little lady is Cupid. Sadly we have no history on this sweet girl as she, along with her kittens and several other cats, were dumped in a carrier at our front door! After being an excellent mum to her 2 babies, Cupid is now ready to find her forever family. At only around 1 year old, Cupid is still a baby herself! She can be a little shy initially but it doesn't take her long before she's purring away and rolling over for you to tickle her belly! Cupid also loves playing and will happily chase around a stringy toy before coming back to you for some more cuddles. We think that Cupid will fit into most families and we would like for her to go to a home where she will have the chance to explore the great outdoors once she has settled.


Cats: Wendy


Female - Approx. 18 mths

This lovely little lady is Wendy. She was handed in at a local pet shop as an unwanted pet before she was brought into our care. Sadly Wendy was in poor condition, her fur was sparse and very dull and she also had pressure sores on her legs. After receiving lots of love and care from staff and volunteers, Wendy is now fit and well and looking for her forever home! She is only around 18 months old and spends most of her time hiding away in her bed, watching the world go by. However don't let this shy appearance fool you, Wendy is super affectionate and loves attention! All you have to do is talk to her and she rolls over for you to tickle her tummy! She will happily let you shower her with affection and she purrs away to let you know how much she's enjoying it! We think that Wendy will fit in with most families and we are sure that she will settle into her new life in no time. We think that Wendy would love the chance to be able to go outdoors once she has settled into her forever home and we are sure that she will be the perfect addition to a loving family!


Cats: Cherry


Female - approx 8 yrs old

Cherry came into our care via a local vets. Unfortunately we don't know any of Cherry's history but our vet believes that she is around 8 years old. Cherry came to us in a bit of a state, she had dirty ears and her fur was in poor condition. After receiving plenty of TLC, Cherry is now looking for her forever home! She is a bit of a lazy lady who spends most of her time snoozing the afternoon away! When you go into her bedroom she is more than happy for you to shower her with affection! She will purr away and even dribbles when she is super happy! We think that Cherry would fit in with most families but would probably be best suited to a quieter household and can be rehomed as a house cat. Cherry really is a lovely girl and we are sure that she will settle in no time and have her new family wrapped around her paw!


Cats: Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Female and male - approx. 4 mths old

We currently have music royalty residing in our cattery! Beyoncé and Jay-Z are a brother and sister duo who came into our care via one of our inspectors. Tortie and white Beyoncé and black and white Jay-Z are around 4 months old and are typical kittens. They love to play and do everything together. They adore each other and are often found washing each other and always sleep in the same bed! Due to this bond we would like for them to be adopted together. Beyoncé is the more affectionate of the two and in typical naughty tortie fashion, loves the attention for herself! Jay-Z is a little more independent and likes to have a run around to stretch his legs. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are looking for a home with no young children where they will have the chance to go and explore the great outdoors once they are big enough. We are sure that this cheeky duo will settle in no time and soon become wonder family pets!


Cats: Nelly and Nora

Nelly and Nora

Females - approx.5/6 mths old

Meet our resident twins, Nelly and Nora. These crazy pair are sisters and they are looking to be adopted together. They are around 5/6 months old and as you can imagine, they are typical kittens who LOVE to play! These cheeky twins have beautiful, odd coloured eyes and sleek, shiny black and white fur. Although they are extremely confident when it comes to playing, Nelly and Nora aren't huge fans of being handled. Due to this we are looking for them to be adopted into a home where there are no young children. Nelly and Nora are real characters, they absolutely adore each other and do everything together! They can often be round rolling around with each other, wrestling and causing chaos, before curling up together for a snooze. We are sure that once these cheeky twins settle into their forever home they will gain confidence when it comes to being stroked and handled. With a little time and patience Nelly and Nora will become wonderful addition to a family are we are positive they will provide their new owners with hours of fun!