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"FLORENCE" Special Appeal

"FLORENCE"   Special Appeal

Florence was brought to us by one of our inspectors after being found in a locked garage by a member of the public. It is not known how she came to be in the garage or how long she had been trapped in there but sadly she was in a bit of a state when she was rescued. She was severely dehydrated, underweight and had become so stressed that she had pulled out huge chunks of her fur. After coming to the centre and receiving plenty of TLC, Florence has now got a clean bill of health and is looking for her forever home. Settling into life at the animal centre hasn't been the easiest for 2 year old Florence and although her beautiful black fur has now grown back she still has a few issues. Florence became quite possessive over her pod in the cattery so she received an upgrade! She was moved into her own room (a penthouse suite if you like!) and has since come on leaps and bounds. She will now let you stroke her and will happily let us clean her bedroom without being possessive over her items. She is also very playful and quite often can be found rolling round in some catnip or throwing her toys around and chasing them. Florence can still be a bit of a madam though when she doesn't get her own way! She will sometimes give you a swipe to let you know she's not impressed so due to this we would like Florence to be rehomed to a family with no children. She could potentially live with a very laid back male cat or possibly a laid back dog who is used to being around cats. Florence has improved massively since being our care and with a little time and patience we are sure that her cheeky personality will shine through even more and she will provide her new family with plenty of love and laughter!

Published: 1 June 2017