Cats for adoption

The following is a list of our CATS. Cats of all ages available for adoption, up to 60 available. All cats will be health checked, neutered/spayed, vaccinated and microchipped before being rehomed.

Please read about Adopting one of our animals before enquiring.

Cats and Kittens available for Adoption:


Cats: Mairi


Female - 3 yrs old

Mairi was brought in by one of our inspectors as a stray along with her kitten. This young lady would love to find a warm, comfy, loving home to finally call her own. Mairi is a little timid in our cattery, but does have a sweet nature letting you fuss her but is still a little bit wary. Mairi could possibly live with another cat or possibly a laid back dog that is used to having cats around. Access to a safe outdoor area is essential when she is ready to venture out!


Cats: Teddybear


Female - 3yrs old

Teddybear is a beautiful, chunky pussycat. Unfortunately she came into our care after her owner passed away. Naturally her move into our centre has been quite a scary experience for her. She is quite timid and does like to hide, but with a lot of love and trust we definitely think this will change! Teddybear has previously lived with other cats therefore could live with another cat. She could also be suitable to a home with a dog who has previously lived with a cat. Teddybear will also need the option to wander outside in his new home, so a safe outdoor space would be ideal.


Cats: Dolly


Female - 3 yrs old

Dolly is stunning white DSH with bright green eyes which entice you in. The beautiful 3 year old Dolly is looking for a home sadly due to her owner passing away. She is understandably still quite shy and usually spends most of her time hidden away in her bed. Dolly would prefer a quiet home preferably with older children due to her reserved nature. A home with a safe outdoor area would be idea for Dolly if she wishes to venture into nature.




Lynn came into our care as her owner could no longer take care of her. She is very ladylike with a gorgeous ginger and white rounded face. Lynn is a very sociable and loves nothing more than sitting on your knee and receiving lots of attention! Lynn could live with another cat and possibly a laid back dog that is used to living with cats. Although we think Lynn would be a lovely lap cat, she would need a home where there is a safe outdoor space if she wishes to explore.


Cats: Ian


Male - 18mths old

This lovely ginger and white boy, came into our care as his owner could no longer take care of him. He is very special as he only has 3 legs (having one amputated before coming into our care), but that does not hinder him! He is very friendly, greeting anyone that enters his pod with a purr and a head butt hoping for a tickle behind the ears. Ian could live with another cat and possibly a laid back dog that is used to having cats around. Due to only having 3 legs Ian would prefer to be an indoor cat.


Cats: Daisy


Female - 4 yrs old

Daisy is looking for a new home, sadly due to her owner passing away. She is a very affectionate chunky girl, immediately greeting you with a cuddle and kiss upon entering her pod. Daisy loves head tickles, closing her eyes with enjoyment and head butting you to ask for more once you stop. Daisy has a blocked tear duct, this does not cause her any pain but it is essential that her eye is bathed regularly to reduce staining her lovely white fur! Daisy has previously lived as an indoor cat but would possibly like the chance to explore the great outdoors. Daisy could live with another cat and possibly a laid back dog that is used to having cats around.


Cats: Kenneth


Male - 2 yrs old

This handsome chap Kenneth found himself in our care sadly due to his owner passing away. At this moment Kenneth has had his world turned upside down, so understandably is still finding his feet in the centre. Due to this Kenneth is understandably wary of new people but if you are worthy of Kenneth’s trust he rewards you by letting you give him a fuss and sometimes comes to sit on your knee! Kenneth would prefer a quiet home with a safe outdoor space to explore if he chooses. He could live with another cat and possibly a laid back dog that is used to living with cats.


Cats: Tarquina


Female - 2 yrs old

The lovely Tarquina is a 2 year old tabby girl whose owners unfortunately passed away. Tarquina is usually found on her shelf in her pod trying to flag down all the passers by with a ladylike spin and a sweet meow. She loves attention but she does let you know when she has had enough. For this reason Tarquina would be suited to a home with older children. Tarquina would love a home with the option to venture outside to sunbathe when the weather permits.


Cats: Lily


Female - 3.5 yrs old

You will usually find Lily in her bed when the staff and volunteers are in the cattery, but she greets us with a purr as soon as we enter and loves to be fussed. Lilly can be shy at first if she doesn’t know you, but it doesn’t take her long to take advantage of any strokes and fusses you have to offer! Lilly could possibly live with a laid back dog that is used to having cats around and she could possibly live with other cats. Lily has lived with children before so is also suited to a home with children. Lilly is fully vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.


Cats: Casey


Female - 2 yrs old

The lovely Casey came into our care as her owner could no longer take care of her. Casey can be a bit too shy to come over to you at first, but it doesn’t take long for her to trust you and demand head tickles! She draws you in with her beautiful big eyes and a lovely long silky black coat. She has had to take a trip to the salon to trim her belly due to knots she acquired before coming to our centre. Casey would need to be groomed regularly to prevent this happening again. Although she loves her bed she will need access to a safe outdoor space to explore and sunbathe when she is ready to go outside. Casey has previously lived with children so she should be suitable in a home with older children. Casey has been neutered vaccinated and microchipped.


Cats: Nessie


Female - approx. 2 yrs old

Nessie is a gorgeous 2 year old white/tortie girl. She is partial to the occasional 'duvet day' staying in bed when receiving visitors, but pokes her head out of her cosy bed to see who is greeting her. Nessie is very loving and soon comes out of her bed when cuddles and kisses are on offer! Nessie would love to snuggle up on a comfy couch but would also love a new home where there is a safe outdoor space for her to explore once she has settled in. Nessie is fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped.


Cats: Elliot


Male - 5 yrs old

This sweet little boy is our super cute Elliot who came to us via one of our inspectors as he had been living as a stray for a long period of time. Elliot was in a bit of a state when he first came to us but after plenty of TLC he is looking and feeling much better and is now waiting for his forever home. Initially he can be very shy and it is sometimes difficult to spot him in his bedroom as he likes to cosy up in his bed. Over the past few weeks Elliot has started to gain confidence and has begun to venture out of his bedroom to have a nosey at his surroundings. These days he's often found perched on his shelf or on the bottom tier of his climbing frame batting toys around. Elliot is still wary and can be a little hand shy initially but it doesn't take him long to come round and he soon starts to headbutt you and enjoy having a fuss made over him. As part of our standard procedure Elliot has been seen by our vet several times and it has been picked up that he has one kidney larger than the other. We have run several blood and urine tests, all of which have come back completely clear. Our vet advises that when Elliot has his annual booster vaccination he may just need a basic blood test to make sure everything is still normal. Due to his reserved nature we would like for Elliot to go to a home where there are no young children but we think he could live alongside another resident feline or a laid back dog who is used to being around cats. We think that with a little time and some encouragement Elliot will soon come out of his shell and more and more of his sweet personality will emerge.


Cats: Binx


Male - 4 yrs old

This mini panther is the stunning Binx who came to us when his owner could sadly no longer take care of him. On his first few days at our centre he was understandably a bit wary and hid away but now that he has moved into our main cattery he is feeling much better. Upon first glance Binx seems a little shy but he actually loves having a fuss made over him and will headbutt you and purr away to let you know how much he's enjoying it! After a few minutes he even gets up out of his bed and he will chat away to you to tell you to give him more attention. We think that with a little time and encouragement in his new home Binx will grow in confidence and become a wonderful addition to his new family. Binx has previously lived with another cat so we think that he should be fine to live alongside another resident feline and possibly a laid back dog. We would also love for Binx to have the chance to explore the great outdoors once his has found his paws in his forever home.


Cats: Tinkerbell


Female - 12 yrs old

Tinkerbell came to us due a change in her owners circumstances. This tabby girl is looking for a retirement home where she can be spoilt rotten and enjoy the finer things in life! Tinkerbell spends most of her days curled up having a snooze waiting for somebody to come along and make a fuss of her. She absolutely loves cuddles and is more than happy to lay there and be the centre of attention. She likes to roll over and have you tickle her belly and if she's feeling especially happy she begins to drool. As she isn't particularly energetic we think that Tinkerbell would be more than happy to be a house cat. We can picture her curled up in front of a fire enjoying her retirement home! Due to her laid back nature we think she will fit in with most families.