Cats for adoption

The following is a list of our CATS. Cats of all ages available for adoption, up to 60 available. All cats will be health checked, neutered/spayed, vaccinated and microchipped before being rehomed.

Please read about Adopting one of our animals before enquiring.

Cats and Kittens available for Adoption:


Cats: Missy


Female - 10 yrs old

Missy came into our care when her owner was moving house and could not take her to the new property. Missy was a chunky 7.65kg when she arrived, so understandably she has been on a diet and has lost 1.12kg so far! She still has a bit to lose so weight loss food would have to be continued until she reaches an ideal weight. Missy was very shy at first and rarely moved from her bed. Since losing some weight she seems much happier, often seen sat on her shelf peering out of the window at passers-by and also going for a little wander around the cattery. Missy is looking for a quiet home with older children and preferably the only cat in the household. She would benefit from a safe outdoor space to explore and continue her journey to losing the extra weight!


Cats: Krinkle


Male - 2 yrs old

Krinkle came to us via one of our inspectors when his owner could no longer take care of him. He has previously lived with other cats and dogs but since moving into our cattery he has been a little stressed so we think that any cats in his new home will have to be very laid back. He's a real chatterbox and can be heard meowing all the way from our reception area! Krinkle has become quite protective over his bedroom and has started to lash out at members of staff so we think that an adult only home would be best for him. However once he is out of his bedroom and on the floor of his pod, he becomes a softie! He loves attention and will wrap himself around your legs until you stroke him. Krinkle also loves to play and he will happily fling his toys around his pod and play on his scratch post to burn off some of his energy. We think that once he has found his paws in his forever home, Krinkle would love a garden to play in. We think that Krinkle may take a little time to settle in his new home but once he does, we are sure that he will become a great addition to his new forever home.


Cats: Ned


Male - approx. 5 yrs old

This handsome boy is Ned who came to us as he was living as a stray and had an injury to his paw. We think he is around 5 years old and thankfully he is now fully recovered and looking for his forever home. Ned can be extremely affectionate and will come out of his bedroom to greet you with some headbutts and a purr and he will even roll over for you to tickle his belly! But Ned is a boy who very much knows his own mind and knows when he's had enough and he has been known to lash out. After a few minutes he gets over his little tantrum and goes back to his normal self to curl up for a snooze. Due to his temperamental nature we think an adult only home would be best for Ned so he can have the time and space to settle in. We think he could possibly live with a laid back cat or a dog that is used to being around cats. We think that Ned would live a safe outdoor space to explore once he has settled.


Cats: Ginny


Female - 17 years old

Ginny is really struggling with cattery life so we are looking for a new home for her as soon as possible.  She has come into our care due to her owners' poor health, but  has been extremely well loved and her whole world has been turned upside down!  At just under 5kg, Ginny is a big girl but has lost her appetite since coming into our care and as we are struggling to get her to eat so she is fast losing weight. Ginny spends most of her time curled up in her bed having a snooze but thankfully she is learning to trust us and now gets up to greet us when we enter her pod. Although she is a little shy initially Ginny soon relaxes and enjoys having a fuss. She starts to purr and will even come and sit on our knee for a cuddle.  We think that she would benefit from a home where someone will be around for a good part of the day to keep her company.  We don't know if Ginny has ever lived with another cat but think she would be okay to live with other animals as long as they are extremely laid back and would leave her to settle in at her own pace.  A home with no young children would be best. We think that once Ginny is back in a home environment she will start to relax and more and more of her sweet personality will emerge. She is looking for a retirement home where she will be spoilt rotten and since she is a golden oldie she is suitable to be adopted as a house cat. She really is a sweetheart and simply wants a lap to sit on and to be loved!


Cats: Monty


Male - Approx. 3 yrs old

Monty is a chunky tabby and white boy. We believe that he has spent the majority of his life living rough as a stray! We think that Monty hasn't spent much of his life around humans so understandably he can be a little wary at first and often will hide in his bed and hiss when he is approached. But don't let this fool you, Monty is a big softie! After a few minutes (and a few treats!) of him hissing and occasionally swiping, he soon realises that you mean him no harm and he begins to relax. He loves having his head scratched and his chin tickled and he will even venture out of his bed to get more attention. We think an adult only home would be best for Monty as we think it may take him some time to settle into his new life. We are unsure if he has ever been around other cats so any existing cats in his new home will have to be very laid back so that Monty can settle in at his own pace. As he has spent the majority of his life living outdoors we think that he would love a garden to explore once he has settled into his forever home. Monty has a lot of love to give and we are sure that in time more and more of his sweet personality will emerge and he will become a wonderful addition to his new family.


Cats: Twinks


Male - 5 years old

We are looking for a special home for our boy Twinks.  Twinks has had a bit of a rough time, he was taken into our care in 2017 when his owner could no longer take care of him.  He found it difficult to adjust to life at our centre and began to lash out at staff.  After lots of patience and lots and lots of treats, we eventually won Twinks's trust and his sweet personality began to emerge. We managed to find Twinks a wonderful home where he settled in but recently his world has been turned upside down again as his owner very sadly passed away which means Twinks is once again in our care. Understandably he is rather stressed at the moment and is having a difficult time adjusting.

Twinks is a quiet, shy boy who spends most of his time hiding away in his bedroom which has caused him to become a little possessive over it. When staff are cleaning his bedroom he has begun to lash out which we think is due to stress and fear and given everything this poor boy has been through, its understandable!

When Twinks is out of his bedroom, he is very much a different cat. He becomes a lot more confident and even likes to have some attention! He will actively come over to staff for a stroke and if he is in an especially good mood, he will play with his toys.  He will happily chase toys around his pod, batting them about and using his scratch post, before curling up for an afternoon nap. Twinks is looking for an experienced cat owner in a home where he will have the time and space to settle in at his own pace.  Twinks needs a home where he will be the only cat.  He could possibly live with a very laid back dog who is used to cats, and any children are over 15 years old.

Due to his shy nature, we think that Twinks could possibly be adopted to live as a house cat.  He can be a real sweetheart once you have gained his trust and we would love for this special boy to find his forever home!


Cats: Lenny


Approx.3yrs Male - House Cat

This cheeky chap is the very lovely Lenny and as you may notice from his photo, he only has one eye!  Lenny was involved in a road traffic accident and as a result had a severe injury to his eye meaning it had to be removed. This hasn't really bothered him though and he's still super happy and ready to find his forever home.  As he only has one eye, Lenny will need to be adopted as a house cat and will need plenty of stimulation to keep him occupied as at around 3 years old Lenny still has lots of energy. He loves to play and will chase stringy toys and bat his toys around his pod.

Lenny really is a sweet boy who loves attention. He can often be found sitting on his shelf, shouting at passers by for attention, hoping someone will fall in love with him and take him home! We think due to his sweet nature he will fit in with most families.


Cats: Sophie


Female - 8 yrs old

Sophie is a beautiful grey tortie female who came into our care as her owner could sadly no longer take care of her. At around 8 years old Sophie is suitable to be adopted as a house cat and as she has previously lived with other cats. We think that she would be able to live alongside another feline companion.

Sophie is a sweet little lady who likes to live a life of leisure.  She often spends her days sat watching the world go by before having an afternoon snooze in her bed. Sophie can be a little shy initially and will retreat to the safety of her bedroom but after a few words of encouragement she soon comes out of her shell and starts to enjoy your company! She will come over to you for a stroke and a chin tickle and we think that once she has settled in her new home more and more of her sweet personality will emerge.

We would love for Sophie to find a forever home where she can settle in at her own pace. We think that she will become a wonderful addition to her new family!


Cats: Nora


Female - Approx. 2 yrs old

This stunning girl is our very lovely Nora!  She came into our care via one of our inspectors with her 5 kittens when her owner could no longer take care of them. After being a wonderful mum to her babies, Nora is now looking for a home where she will be spoilt!

Nora has lots of energy so we would like for her to go to a home where she will have access to the great outdoors once she has settled. She loves toys and will happily entertain herself in her pod by batting her toys around.  Nora also loves attention and can often be found calling to people walking past her pod to see if they will give her some cuddles.  She's rather confident and will happily come over to you for strokes and chin rubs!

We think that Nora would fit in with most families as she is such a sweet lady and we think that she could live with another cat or a laid back dog. We are sure that Nora will become a great addition to her new family as she has bags of love to share.