Cats for adoption

The following is a list of our CATS. Cats of all ages available for adoption, up to 60 available. All cats will be health checked, neutered/spayed, vaccinated and microchipped before being rehomed. 


Cats and Kittens available for Adoption:


Cats: Nala and Nia

Nala and Nia

Black and White females, 2 and a half years old.

There is no better way to describe Nala and Nia, other than that they are an absolute delight!  If you have been looking for the purrfect pair of felines to add to your family, then look no further as you have just found them!

These sweet girls, who we believe to be sisters, came into us via an inspector and from the minute they came through the door, they have been confident, affectionate and friendly!  They both come to greet you as soon as you enter their pen and they cannot get enough strokes and fusses.  Whoeever adopts them will be an incredibly lucky pawrent as they will provide you with everything you could wish for and more!

They are both very similar in temperament and are both slender and dainty girls, and as time has gone on, we have learnt to tell them apart by the colour of their eyes as one of the them has yellow eyes, and one has green!  We think they are a stunning duo and we are sure you will agree.

Continuing with the "N" theme, Nala and Nia are nuturing, noble, nice and noteworthy.  Most importantly, they NEED a home!  Could you be the lucky one to pop in the first application?


Cats: Venus and Serena

Venus and Serena

Females, 1 year old, and 9 month old.

This sweet pair are hoping to “net” a new home any day now after they were brought to the centre after being abandoned by their previous owner.  Despite their recent tough times, they haven’t let things get them down and they are both sweet natured, energetic and friendly, with a definite zest for life.  Is there room on the couch either side of you for these girls?  We sure hope so!

This duo can be a little timid once they first meet you, and aren’t a fan of being overhandled, however day to day they LOVE a fuss.  They also love their treats too so this is a great way to bond with them and build up their confidence when they transfer into a new home.

If you are looking to have a “ball” any time soon, then these are the feline friends for you.  We think they would suit a quieter home without other pets and with older children due to their initial tendency to be reserved.  However, give it a few weeks and we bet you couldn’t ask for better furry best friends than these two ladies.

If you think these girls could be the one for you, then “volley” over a rehoming form so that we can get in touch with you.  We promise you that when you meet them, the only score on the boards will be LOVE:LOVE!


Cats: Luna


Female, 1 year old, Dark Tortoiseshell

Luna is a stunning young girl who is on the lookout for a new home after her previous owners were moving and no longer able to keep her.  She is therefore hoping that this Easter, the easter bunny will deliver on her wish of a new family.  Could you be the one to make this girls dreams come true?

Luna is incredibly affectionate.  Whilst it took her a few days to settle and gain her confidence, now that she has done this, there is no holding her back.  She approaches us for a fuss as soon as we visit her pen and she gives lots of headbumps in appreciation.  She purrs her little paws off as soon as you are near her and she will make such a loving companion so whoever is lucky enough to add her to their family tree.

Luna does have some slight evidence of flea allergy dermatitis, however this is really easily managed by ensuring she is kept up to date with good quality flea treatments.  Being a slightly longer haired cat, she will also need more regular grooming in order to keep her coat in good condition.

Luna is latin for "the moon" and feline Luna here will not just brighten up your dark nights, but also your days too!  We can guarantee that after just a few days of knowing her, that your world will quickly come to revolve around her as after all, who can resist this gorgeous face?!


Cats: Nelson


Black and White, Male, 3 years old

This is our handsome Nelson and he is on the lookout for a new place to plant his paws and call home after being found as a stray.

When he first arrived with us, Nellie was a little nervous and this is understandable as life out on the streets is tricky for any cat and he had no doubt had a tough time out there.  He was therefore very happy to arrive here and have dreamies on demand, fusses from all of the staff and a warm place to curl up and sleep in safety.  He has grown in confidence each day he has been here and is now an affectionate, sweet natured and confident boy and we are very proud of him and his progress.

Nelson will make a lovely addition to a family due to his sweet nature.  He is also a younger chap and so has lots of adventures still awaiting him.  You can also find that cats that have been strays really appreciate a safe, loving home as they know what it is like to be in the opposite situation.  If you therefore have a place on the couch that Nelson could occupy and space in your heart for a feline friend to love, then please get in touch!

Nelson cannot wait to meet you and we cannot wait to introduce you to this magnificent house panther!