Cats for adoption

The following is a list of our CATS. Cats of all ages available for adoption, up to 60 available. All cats will be health checked, neutered/spayed, vaccinated and microchipped before being rehomed. 


Cats and Kittens available for Adoption:


Cats: Mario, Luigi and Peach

Mario, Luigi and Peach

9 month old siblings

These three youngsters are all on the lookout for a new game to play where they can be the main character.  Could you help them find their forever playmates?

Mario, Luigi and Peach came into us here after being removed from a multi-cat household where their owner could no longer keep them anymore and so they were more than happy to arrive here and have lots of space, toys and food all to themselves.

Due to coming from a multi cat household, they haven’t had lots of socialisation in their first few months of life and as a result, are a little nervous with us here at the moment.  They will therefore need patient owners who are willing to give them the chance to come out of their shell at the pace that is right for them.  These sweet cats can go to their homes together or separately so if you have been looking for a new feline friend, a duo or even a trio, then we would love to hear from you….and they would too!  Being young, these little ones still have lots of life levels to complete so if you need a new cat to have adventures with, they could be the ones for you!

Cats that are a little quieter and those that are all black (or black and white) tend to take longer to rehome so these little souls really do have the odds stacked against them.  We will therefore be thrilled here when that special adopter comes forward to offer one or more of them a chance.  Offering a chance to a cat like these really is a rewarding experience as you see them change from being a nervous character into a fully fledged house panther who loves and trusts you, but has just taken a little longer to get there. 

We are all hoping that any day now, Mario can say IT’S A ME MARIO…AND ME AND MY SIBLINGS HAVE A FOREVER HOME!


Cats: Tequila


Female, Black and White, 1 year old

Have you been looking for a splash of something to make your summer more interesting? If so, how about some Tequila?!  In particular, how about a form of Tequila that is a lot healthier for you than the alcohol kind, and promises to be just as fun and bubbly?!

If that sounds like it could be for you, then meet feline Tequila!  Our Tequila is just a year old and was brought into us here as a heavily pregnant stray.  After being with us less than 24 hours, she gave birth to five kittens and despite only being young herself, she became the most wonderful mum.  Her babies are now ready to begin their own lives and so Tequila is also ready for her new adventure too, and she wants that to start with finding someone who will give her a safe and loving home.  Is there space in your family tree for Tequila?

In terms of personality, Tequila is sweet, affectionate and funny.  She is confident once she knows you and has lots of energy.  She will therefore make the best playmate and cuddle buddy to whoever is lucky enough to take her home.  She would be a great first time cat, as well as a great addition to a family who are used to having feline friends around so don’t delay if she could be the one for you.  After all, who could resist this cute little face?!  We know we definitely can’t!


Cats: Mittens


Female, Black and White, 9 Years Old

Diva alert – meet Mittens!  Mittens is a 9 year old lady who is on the lookout for a forever home after she was found as a stray living in someone’s garden.  She is therefore hoping to plant her paws in a new home alongside a loving family and a second chance at happiness, any day now.  Could you be the one to provide her with what she so badly wants and deserves?  We sure hope so….and she does too!

Mittens is most definitely our resident diva at the moment and does not hold back when it comes to telling someone off if she has had enough attention.  She does however love company and so will require a confident, experienced cat owner who is happy to let her settle at her own pace and who is happy to let Mittens take the lead when it comes to social interactions.  She is an independent girl and will make the purrfect addition to the home of a pawrent who is looking for company but also a cat who is happy to keep themselves occupied when they may be out at work during the day etc.

Mittens is looking for a home without any children or other pets as she wants to be the star of the show in her new home and lap up all of the attention for herself.  Like we said…..she’s definitely a diva!  However, she is happy to occupy a home where there is catnip on demand as she LOVES it!

If you think you can offer this lady her furever home, then we would love to hear from you.  Cats like Mittens can often be overlooked due to having more of a complex personality and not outwardly being the most affectionate, however giving a chance to a cat like Mittens is always extremely rewarding.  We know she may take a little more patience in a home but we also know that after a few weeks in her new abode, that she will have made amazing progress.  She just needs someone with patience, someone who puts a little faith in her and someone with lots of love to give (and dreamies).


Cats: Napolean


Male, 2 years old, Tabby and White

Napolean is a sweet boy who was taken to the RSPCA hospital in Manchester as a stray.  He has some scarring on his face and so has obviously had to fight to survive out there on the streets.  He is therefore so so grateful to have somewhere warm to sleep and dreamies available on demand.

We don't know much about Napolean's background, in terms of how long he has lived outside but we know he will quickly settle into a forever home, as he has done really well in settling with us here.  He is quite obviously relishing this new period in his life where he can get lots of fusses and have his own room to play in.  In fact, he probably thinks he has struck lucky and ended up in a 5 star hotel!

He has been the purrfect guest here thus far, and we are really rooting for him to find his furever home at some point soon.  Being a long term stray, he may be a little reserved initially until he settles into his new life, but once he has realised he has struck gold with his new humans, there will be no holding him back.

If you can help Napolean conquer his wish of finding forever love, then we would LOVE to hear from you.  We know we cannot resist this sweet face and we are sure you will be just the same!


Cats: Molly


Female, White

Molly is a sweet girl who came in to us here after she was found as a stray that had given birth to kittens in someones garden!  It would be an incredibly frightening experience for any young cat to be outside without a home. However this little lady also had her three newborn kittens to look out for as well and so had to be very brave until she was rescued.

Thankfully, a kind family looked after her until we could find her a space with us and as soon as we had one, Molly and her three babies were transferred to us here and she hasn't looked back since!  She is lucky that she had such kind people who were willing to help her.

Molly has been a great mum and her kittens are now all grown up and ready to find homes of their own.  She is therefore hoping it is her time to shine and she cannot wait to find a safe home with a family who love her very much.  We are sure that it won't take her long to find just that.

In terms of what Molly is like, she is incredibly affectionate and confident too.  She laps up lots of fusses from whoever visits her pen and is very sweet natured.  She will therefore no doubt make a welcome addition to the home of whoeever is lucky enough to take her home.  

Molly is a name that translates as "star of the sea", however feline Molly is sure to be the star of your family!  Don't delay in popping in an application today!


Cats: Shaniqua


Female, White/Tortoiseshell, 2.5 years old

Shaniqua is an absolutely delightful girl who is looking for a new home after having a tough time lately.  She is seeking happier times and hopefully you can be the one to help her find just that!

Unfortunately, Shaniqua's previous owner left her and 3 other cats alone for an extended period of time.  When inspectors arrived, one of the cats had sadly passed away and Shaniqua was emaciated and was taken to the RSPCA hospital for treatment.  She was then transferred to us here for lots of TLC.

Since she stepped through the door with us here, this little lady has charmed every single one of us.  She has an incredibly sweet nature, is quite confident and laps up every single bit of attention that she can get her paws on.  She just loves people and she will make the most wonderful companion for whoever is lucky enough to adopt her.

Shaniqua can go to live with other cats due to living with them previously, and we also think she would also be okay to live with children due to her lovely nature, however this can be assessed further with a meet and greet.

If you think this sweet girl could be the right one for you and your family, then please do get in touch.  Shaniqua deserves the world and will most defintely have the most positive impact on the life of her new family.



Cats: Milo


Male, Black/White, 8 months old

Milo is a young chap with lots of life adventures still ahead of him.  He is looking for a new family to have these adventures with….so is there room in your family for him?  We sure hope so!  And he does too!

Milo came into us via an inspector after his previous owner could not keep him anymore and had admitted to previously kicking him.  Thankfully, Milo has not let these previous experiences affect him and he continues to be a confident and sweet natured boy that trusts people and LOVES being around them.

Being a young boy, Milo is playful and so will benefit from a home where he can eventually have access to outside.  Milo is also incredibly affectionate and has shown positive reactions when he has seen cats through a window here.  This may mean that with a gradual introduction, that he would live with another feline friend.

If you think Milo would be a great fit for you and your family, then we would love to hear from you.  We have told Milo that we will check the emails every day in order to see if someone has come forward to offer him a forever home.  Could you be the one to make his day?