Rabbits for Adoption

Rabbits can make lovely pets, but need a lot more care and attention than people realise. Advice will be given on suitable accommodation and care. Please contact the animal centre for details.

Please read about Adopting one of our animals before enquiring.


Rabbits: Merida


Adult female

Merida is on the lookout for a new family, after she was found abandoned in a cardboard box shortly before Christmas.  When she was found, Merida had 4 babies that were only a few days old and so this time of her life was incredibly stressful for her as she wasn’t sure what was going on and where she was.

Despite this tough time, Merida did an amazing job of raising her babies and now they are all ready to begin their own adventures.  It was evident to all of us here that Merida was so very grateful to have a safe space in which to raise her babies and to be looked after herself.  Straight from the off, she was confident and friendly and she has maintained this sweet nature throughout her time here.  She will make the loveliest of wiggly nosed companions to whoever is lucky enough to take her home.

A few weeks on from that day she came to us, it is now Merida’s time to shine and begin a new adventure of her own.  She is neutered, she is happy and she is ready to go.  She wants to have all of these new adventures with a new owner by her side.  Could that be you?

We are seeking a forever home where there is already an existing bunny that Merida can bond with too as after all, rabbits are incredibly social animals and she would really appreciated a friend to spend her days with.  If Merida sounds as though she could be the one for you, then please do be BRAVE and pop in an application.  We would love to “ear” from you!


Rabbits: Chip and Dale

Chip and Dale

Young males, Brown/Grey/Black

Have you got room in your life and in your heart for two cheeky young boys!  If so, this bunny based double act would love to meet you!  Say hello to Chip and Dale!

These boys were brought into us after they were found abandoned in cardboard boxes in a local park.  On arrival to us here, they were cold, wet and hungry and so were happy to get to the centre where they were greeted with lots of hay, lots of cuddles and a bowl full of food to tuck into.

Despite their tough ordeal, they are very friendly and have shown themselves to be confident and sweet natured.  They will therefore make lovely pets for someone who has either had bunnies before, or is branching out into owning rabbits for the first time.  They will most definitely become your "rescue rangers" and provide you with love and entertainment!

A dream is a wish your heart makes, and these boys are hoping that their dream of a new home and a loving family will be granted any day now.